Istanbul Dialogue Nights

July 2007 Istanbul Dialogue Night

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Istanbul Dialogue Night for July 2007 was entitled  

"Creation: A Multicultural and and Multireligious Perspective".

Dr. Akanmu G. Adebayo, Executive Director of Institute for Global Initiatives at Kennesaw State University presented the topic while letting the participants to discuss several issues related to creation.


Oct 2007 Istanbul Dialogue Nights

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 On October 11, 2007

"Plan Z: A road map to less stress when parents move"

was presented by Rabbi Scott Saulson, Community Chaplain, Jewish Family & Career Services. This event included a complimentary dinner for participants


Nov 2007 Istanbul Dialogue Night

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This month we had Dr. Flora Devine of Kennesaw State University as our guest speaker at Istanbul Center's Dialogue Night. Dr. Devine spoke about

"Diversity and Dialogue in Buddhism"

 on Thursday, November 8th.


Jan 2008 Istanbul Dialogue Night

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This program's topic was

"Understanding Rumi: A voice of reason from 800 years ago". Imam Suleyman Eris gave a lecture. Istanbul Center has hosted guests at the another "Istanbul Dialogue Night" that took place on Thursday, January 10th at 7:00 pm

After lecture guests have discussed about topic and shared ideas with friends.


Feb 2007 : Istanbul Dialogue Night

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Another "Istanbul Dialogue Night"  took  place on Tuesday, February 12th at at Istanbul Center's Norcross branch.
This month's talk was about  a documentary film entitled

"A Divided Class:Learning to Walk in Someone Else's Shoes." 

This documentary film was shown with an opportunity for discussion afterward.  (

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